Tuesday Evenings

(Whilst Regular Meetings Are Suspended)


These are Tuesday Evening talks to listen to at home whilst we cannot meet together.


Tuesday 28th July (download)
Mark 12
Tim Lock, 28/07/2020
Tuesday 30th June (download)
Nathan Howard, 30/06/2020
Tuesday 16th June (download)
Nathan Howard / Matt Lillicrap, 16/06/2020
Tuesda y2nd June (download)
Nathan Howard, 01/06/2020
Tuesday 19th May (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Lock, 19/05/2020
Tuesday 5th May (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Lock, 05/05/2020
Tuesday 28th April (download)
Nathan / Tim / Glen, 28/04/2020
Tuesday 21st April (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Barnes, 21/04/2020
Tuesday 14th April (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Lock, 14/04/2020
Tuesday 7th April (download)
Nathan Howard / Glen Mclellan, 07/04/2020