It's time...

- We continue in Luke's gospel (chapters 12-15) in this Autumn 2014 evening series.
It's Time (13).... (download)
Dougie Affleck, 07/12/2014
It's time (12) return (download)
Dougie Affleck, 23/11/2014
It's time (11)…to rejoice (download)
Jonathan Prime, 16/11/2014
It's time (10)…to count the cost (download)
Dougie Affleck, 09/11/2014
It's time (9)... to say 'yes' (download)
Mike Ovey, 02/11/2014
It's time (8)... to be humbled (download)
Peter Maclure, 26/10/2014
It's Time (7)... to be gathered (download)
Jonathan Prime, 19/10/2014
It's Time (6) ... to enter God's kingdom (download)
Jonathan Prime, 12/10/2014
It's Time (5)... for God's Kingdom to grow & spread (download)
Jonathan Prime, 05/10/2014
It's time (4)...To be set free (download)
Dougie Affleck, 28/09/2014
It's time (3) Repent (download)
Dougie Affleck, 21/09/2014
It's Time (2) be reconciled (download)
Dougie Affleck, 14/09/2014
It's Time (1) Serve (download)
Nathan Howard, 07/09/2014