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We encourage everyone who comes to ETCC to get stuck into a "Grow Group”.  These are designed to help us to do just that: Grow!  That is
, they help us to grow to know and love Jesus as we grow to know and love each other.

There are a variety of grow groups meeting during the week both centrally (at the church), and in homes and coffee shops in the community.  To join a group (or to find out more) please visit the welcome desk, speak to Tim or email

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Tuesday Central & Community Groups

Our main grow groups meet on alternate Tuesday evenings at 8pm.  This includes “Tuesday Central” (at church) and a number of “Community groups” (groups meeting in homes in the area).  Most of the groups have a mix of men and women of different ages.  There are also groups meeting at the church for teenagers, a group for primary-school children and a women-only group.  You can find the autumn 2019 term card here and read our guide to being a member of a grow-group here.

Friday Groups

In addition, there is also a central grow group that meets on alternate Friday mornings (11am-12 noon) and another on alternate Friday evenings (8-9:30pm) at the church building.  These are a great opportunity for those who can’t make it on a Tuesday to grow together in their love of Jesus and love of each other.  These groups follow the same Bible studies as groups meeting on a Tuesday. You can find the autumn 2019 term card here and read our guide to being a member of a grow-group here.

Men’s and Women’s  Groups

grow group mens and womens
We also run a weekly and monthly women’s Bible study (during term-time) and a Saturday morning men’s Bible study. 
You are welcome to attend them as well as, or instead of, another grow group (they follow different studies):

Together Women's Bible Study - Thursdays
9:15-10am Study 1 or
10:30-11:30am Study 2 (with creche)
with coffee together from 10-10:30am

Women's Bible Study Saturdays

Busy during the week?  We run a monthly Saturday morning women’s Bible study (usually the first Saturday of the month). Join us at the church building from 9:45am for a 10am study. 

3D Men's Bible Study

3D groups meet from 8–9am on Saturdays at two coffee shops in Enfield.

Christianity Explored Banner

Christianity Explored is a four week course for those investigating the Christian faith. It is ideal for those who want to discover what it means to be a Christian and for those who want a 'refresher' on the basics of the Christian faith. Join us as we consider who Jesus is and why He came!  Come and ask any questions you may have - or just sit and listen if you prefer. 

Courses normally run on Tuesday evenings, starting at 8pm.  Please email or visit the welcome desk for more information.