About Us

We are a community of people of all ages and backgrounds who are followers of Jesus.  Our aim as a church is to “Make Jesus known in Enfield Town as we grow to know Him better.” We seek to do that by focussing on three big things:  Gathering, Growing and Going.


we love gathering together as a community of people who share Jesus in common.  You can find out about our main organised gatherings on this site



we want to be growing in our love of Jesus and likeness to Him.  That’s why listening to God’s word (the Bible) is at the heart of all we do.



we want to be going into our local community  to make Jesus known to others.

We hope that you'll want to join with us as we do this - wherever you are from and whatever your age and background.  Please do look take a look at our I’m New page and join us at one of our Sunday or midweek meetings.

Nathan Howard