One-off sermons

- One-off sermons from our Pastors (including at baptismal services). 
Fear that produces Faith (download)
Nathan Howard, 18/03/2018
Rich soil - Bitter fruit (download)
Peter Maclure, 11/03/2018
Meeting God's Expectations by Being Real About Being In Christ (download)
Armel Mpasi, 04/03/2018
Great Expectations (download)
Trevor Archer , 04/03/2018
Verse of the Year 2018 (download)
Nathan Howard, 07/01/2018
New Year's Eve (download)
Nathan Howard, 31/12/2017
Paul's Past, Present and Future (download)
Jamie Letcher, 31/12/2017
Christmas Day 2017 (download)
Glen McLellan, 25/12/2017
Evening Carol Service (download)
Nathan Howard, 24/12/2017
Morning Carol Service (download)
Nathan Howard, 24/12/2017
Acts 12 (download)
Chris Howles, 29/10/2017
Romans 12 (download)
Evening Sertice
Stui Chaplin, 01/10/2017
Gospel Maps (download)
Nathan Howard, 24/09/2017
Right Priorities (download)
Jonathan Prime, 24/09/2017
Repeated Normality for the Redeemed (download)
Jonathan Prime, 17/09/2017
A prayer for a dearly loved church (download)
Jonathan Prime, 17/09/2017
Essential Heart Surgery (download)
Jonathan Prime, 03/09/2017
Running the Race of Faith (download)
David Parker, 27/08/2017
"Go" (download)
Jamie Letcher, 13/08/2017
Prayer - Luke 11: 1-13 (download)
Luke 11:1-13
Peter Maclure, 06/08/2017